All Biofire™ firelogs are 100% wood with no additives.


Biofire™ Fire Logs

Biofire™ is our standard firelog. Each firelog is 4 inch in diameter, 12" in length, and weighs 6.5lbs. They are packaged four logs per box, or palletized stacked without boxes. Also available in random length bulk bagged. Firelogs can also be cut to custom length on bulk orders.


Biofire™ Fire Pucks

The Biofire™ Fire Pucks are 1" to 3" thick slices of Biofire™ firelogs, packaged in convenient 40 lb bags. Perfect for when you are seeking a fire more for the ambience, than for heat. The Biofire™ Fire Pucks are great for small fires as they create lots of flame without all the heat of a large amount of wood. Tailor your heat output by adding more fire pucks. They can also be used in wood barbeques, chimneas, and braziers.


Biofire™ Cedar Fire Logs

Biofire™ Cedar firelog is a Biofire™ firelog with added Western Red Cedar shavings for a pleasant aroma.


Biofire™ Recycle Firelogs

Biofire™ Recycle firelog is a Biofire™ firelog made with recycled plain brown cardboard and other plain non-glossy paper.


Biofire™ Pallet Firelog

Biofire™ pallet firelog is a Biofire™ firelog made with recycled pallets and other non-painted and untreated waste wood.


Biofire™ Wood Pellets

Our wood pellets are 7mm diameter premium pellets available in standard or bulk bag formats.