The Advantages of using Biofire™ Firelogs

Houston, British Columbia, Canada

Biofire™ is located in the town of Houston,an area heavily hit by the mountain pine beetle epidemic which has covered much of the province.

A lot of beetle killed timber is either too small or it is so dried and split that it will no longer make good quality saw logs.


A Practical Solution

Biofire™ was formed to utilize mountain pine beetle killed timber in a non-traditional manner. Conversion to firelogs, solid biomass fuel, is a sensible option for this timber and associated harvesting residues.

All Biofire™ firelogs are 100% wood with no additives.

Biofire produces densified biomass fuel, very similar to wood pellets, but much larger. Our other Biofire™ firelog products incorporate Western Red Cedar, paper or recycled urban wood waste. We also produce 7mm wood pellets.

Use Biofire™ firelogs in your existing wood stove!

Biofire™ firelogs can be burned in a traditional or newer high efficiency wood burning appliance. Firelogs are also great for brazier, chimnea, or cooking fire applications. In bulk format firelogs make great commercial biomass fuel.